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Golden Hammers Journal (0/)
Entry 06: 14-11-11

We met a Djinn.

Yeah, a real Djinn, just like in the stories. Well… except it looked humanoid. But still!

We had explored the rest of the dungeon, finding stairs leading to a chamber further down. After defeating the undead that… well, woke up by our entry… we had the time to look at the strange ring that we found down there.
Turns out it was used to call that Djinn.

So, now Johnny Rogue had 3 wishes. (He was the one taking the risk picking up the ring so we decided in the end that he could be the owner… before we learned what the ring could do,)
Actually, 1 wish now. He already wished for an unlimited amout of gold and a mansion.

… a fine mansion I must admit. Prancylvanian style, if I am not wrong. With servants and everything.

Still – I hope everything is a fine as it looks like. The owner of the Unicorn warned us that those wishes could be dangerous… to us and to the town.

I hope Johnny will do okay. The others and I are thinking of to resume our previous search for a way through the forest and make contact with other people again.

Golden Hammers Journal (06)
Entry 06: 14-10-28

It has been a few days…

Well, I wanted to write earlier but there is just so much to do.
We traveled to the north, however we didn’t get very far. Many of our friends showed signs of exhaustion as we traveled, returning to town for a while. I guess it is only natural after months of siege and the narrow escape from being overrun.

Anyway, in the north we found a strange ruin. Fortunately, some of my new comrades – Kain and Aren, later Vanis as well – decided to come with me. They where pretty old, about the age of the town, if not older.
Ohh, and there is some kind of Dungeon below. With Undeads and everything.

Things down there are exiting. I love it there. Noticeably we found both animated pony and human skeletons. Another clue that humans and ponies knew each other much earlier.

Though, we need to stay cautious. We triggered some kind of lightning trap and we fought with a horrible mummy, which almost cost us our lives. We had decided to return to town and get some help afterwards.
I had to pay them to come and offer part of the treasures we find (there are plenty of treasures down there!) but I think Johny Rouge (a human with keen eyes for hidden doors and traps) and Bori Stouthammer (a dwarf with divine healing magic and powers against the undead) where a good addition to the expedition.

The undead down there are really powerful, every help is welcome.

I wonder… what was that “dungeon” (I am pretty sure it is no real dungeon, didn’t find any cells yet.) was built for. So far we only found a few statues of demons… could it have been the location of an old cult? It would explain some things, but a true explorer will never judge too quickly.
We hope to launch another expedition soon. According to an old map we found there is a series of rooms that we haven’t yet explored in the deeper parts of the dungeon.

Golden Hammers Journal (05)
Entry 04: 14-10-11

I think we got all of them. Not a single Ogre left.

This left us enough time to check the building. It is old – quite sturdy too. Even better, it had a secret passage on the first floor. Can you imagine? A secret passage!

It led to a second bedroom, almost identical to the first one. Though, while in the first one we found the remains of two humans, in the second we found the skeletons of two ponies. Both where once wearing fanciful clothings, with crests I had never seen before. The crests where almost identical. By now I think that in this town humans and ponies lived together – as equals – previously. We presented that fact to the majors and it seems like they agreed. They removed the line, removed the separation. I was finally able to see the human side of the town. It’s surprisingly similar to ours.

On a different note, in the secret passage on the first floor we found a door leading to a second floor. Inside was a strange orb, surrounded by demonic magic. The priests from the chapel, together with a few more with divine power from town, managed to dispel it… and it released a big shining orb. Like the one on the crests.

They say it will protect the town from the monsters. Which sounds great, considering how long Mare’s End has been under siege. Safety – well, at least within the protection of the orb.

But… we can’t stay alone here in the forest. There hasn’t been any news from the rest of Equestria. Or the human lands.
We decided to explore the woods to the north. If we travel far enough we should come back to civilization, right?

Golden Hammers Journal (04)
Entry 04: 14-10-07

Just a short note.

Fought Ogres. In the manor in the center of the town. Belonged to a “Brainmasher” clan.

Thanks to the help of the militia we managed to surprise them. We took down their leader before he could react and the rest where in big disorder.

Ohh, and I found this neat Scabard. It is… happy. I think. Turned my Gladius into a magic blade of acid. It is so awesome.

Anyway, rest is over. We better see if there are more Ogres hidding here. And check what happened to the Militia outside. And… maybe there is a magic blade to go with the Scabard somewhere?

This mension is quite amazing. And old. I hope I can stay here a bit longer.

Golden Hammers Journal (03)
Entry 03: 14-09-14

The past two days have been calmer.

We finally had a good chance to talk with Ruby Aurora and Themmos (that’s the Tiefling from the forest) after we captured them. It turns out they where working for Oticas, the Magican from the Dream that attacked the human city. I am not sure why they where working for him, but their reasons seem rather weak – maybe they where forced. Anyway, they had agreed to help us out a bit. At least they are not working with the Kobolts anymore.
Ohh, and they even knew a bit about “Lord Oberoth” – actually, “Lord Umbaroth”: It seems like he is a Dragon. A full grown dragon with wings and everything if what they heard is true.

Anyway: Aurora and Themmos seem to be okay. We had to go to the Chapel to get them healed up a bit. Quite an interesting place and one of the few buildings that seem to be open to ponies and humans alike. And differently to the folks in the city hall the two pastors (Comet Beard and Sohnan) talk with each other admirably. Huge Whirlpool in the river, I wonder what is causing it.

The city is in bad shape. Yesterday I helped rebuilding a house. There is a lot more to be done. I, together with a few lumber ponies I met in town met up with a few of the humanoids – the gnome Aren Oakenfield and the human Vandis Celorn – and with Aurora and Themmos to get us some lumber. We got… kinda surprised by a few Goblins. Fortunately it was only 3 of them against our huge group. I think they got a small hit on Aren, but otherwise everything went smooth.
Well… almost. I don’t know what exactly had happened, but at some point everything around me went dark. No, I wasn’t knocked out, I just couldn’t see anything. Despite having my eyes open. It was scary.

Well, we got us a few trees and got them back to town. Fortunately the pastors where able to remove that blindness from me. We have to be more careful when we meet more of those Kobolts in the woods again.

Golden Hammers Journal
Entry 02: 07-09-14

Entry 07-09-14

Is it really the same day? So much just happened.

Mares Edge is lost, it got… conquered by a cloud? Well, a giant cloud with evil red eyes. Fortunately there was enough time for an evacuation, I fled into the forest with some other ponies.
Unfortunately there where some of those “Kobolds” (the same as the ones that sieged our town) and “Goblins” (some of the monsters of last nights dream vision). They where being commanded by a humanoid… and a pony.

I met again with that Bat Pony from that vision, he was among the same group I was that fled the town. Together we struck a surprise attack at the Kobolds – but what must have been more surprising was when the humanoids – the nice ones, from the vision yesterday – decided to attack at the same time. Those Kobolds and Goblins hardly stood a chance.

However that Pony and “Tiefling” proved much more dangerous. They hurt one of the humanoids badly and even though they kicked me only once it hurt really, really bad. Ohh, and they could jump into the air and trees like nothing I have seen before. Their teamwork was impressing, but our superior number and our own teamwork was better. We where able to catch them,. both of them alive.

We made our way to the fort in the forest, according to the evacuation plan (seems like the town of the humanoids had the same idea…). A lot of ponies where already there.
Though it is… crazy. The town has been split into two parts. One part for the humanoids, one for us ponies. We couldn’t even enter through the same gates.

In the town hall we learned that they had to split he town to “maintain peace”. Seems like they couldn’t figure out who the rightful owner of the town is. I mean, who cares? There seem to be a lot of houses on each side, most just need a little renovation repair. Okay, most need a complete rebuilding. Still, from what I have seen from the humanoids we where traveling (and fighting) with I think the town could be rebuilt so much faster if ponies where allowed to help on the humanoid side. And a bit of their help wouldn’t hurt us either…

Anyway, we found out where Ruby Auroras – ohh, that’s the mare working with the Kobolts – family lives. We didn’t turn her in to the authorities.
Which makes me glad. Even though she might have worked with the ones sieging our town… they saved one of us with some kind of potion. I think he was about to die if they didn’t stop right in the middle of the fight. Even at the risk of their own lives. Someone doing that can’t be bad, right?
I also feel envious about the teamwork they showed. This town is the complete opposite. The situation almost escalated just because of someone trying to cross the stupid line that separates us and the town.

Well, actually there is one place where the line is not separating us. While writing this I am sitting inside a tavern where both ponies and humanoids are allowed. The keeper even gave me some free sugar and while I wait for my tea I get enough time to write all these things down.
We still have to decide on our next steps. I really want to get Aurora back to her family, but most of all I want to know why she did what she did. Why work with enemies of ponykind? Why the invasion in the first place?

And there is also the issue with finding the rightful owner of this new city that has become a refuge for ponies and humanoids. They think it might be in a fortification in the center, guarded by monsters (ogres I think?). The humanoids and us ponies are a good team. Maybe we can have a look there later. I would also love to see the building itself – located in the center it must be the oldest building. And you know my motto my dear diary: The older the building, the better.
Ohh, and to bring peace to the town. If just finding out who owns this place will help ponies and humanoids to take the next step and stop hiding behind a line it will be already worth it.

Mhh, I can smell tea in the air. Will put you aside now. Still have to discuss our next steps!

Golden Hammers Journal
Entry 01: 30-08-14

Entry 30-08-14

The Siege of the town is still continuing. If anypony had told me the town would be in such a state two month earlier, I would not have believed them.
Anyway, the captain is holding back with excursion for today, so I was helping in town to reinforce the palisade. The recent influx of supplies and raw materials makes me confident that we can outlast the attackers until winter will drive them back into hiding. Also, I found some more references on the old structures here in town. I will have a closer look at it tomorrow.

the following parts seem to have been written in a much greater hurry then the previous ones

I had a strange dream last night. Dream might be the wrong word, maybe it was message from… somepony someone I don’t know who or what. Beside me there was another pony (that gruff Bat Pony in heavy armor from 22-08-14) there. It was so strange, I could TELL it wasn’t real but not a dream either. Really weird.
I feel there was a purpose behind it.

We weren’t alone in that “Dream” – we met strange creatures calling themselves “Humanoids”. They seemed to be quite friendly… mostly.
At least much more friendly than the monsters that appeared shortly afterwards.

The Humanoids and us ponies fought together and won. Seems like they where also sieged in some of their own towns, just like us. Had strange dreams in previous nights too. What are the odds?

I woke up after a really unpleasant encounter with a human (a kind of humanoid, just like an Earth Pony is a a kind of pony) sorcerer. I think he managed to… kill us? I don’t know, it was just a dream after all. He was really powerful and it seemed like the other humanoids knew him.
There is one name stuck in my mind: “Lord Oberoth”. Or at least I think that is what he said. Didn’t sound like a normal pony name, but it has a slight griffin sound. I need to make sure. When I have some more time I have to check – fortunately I still have that heritage book that I got last year, it contains a very extensive list of griffin (and ponies living near the border who might have taken a griffin name) nobbles.

Anyway, it seems like there is some commotion outside. Something about a “black fog” or “dark cloud”?
I have a bad feeling about this. Did the attackers manage to set the town on fire? I have to check.


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