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Golden Hammers Journal

Entry 02: 07-09-14

Entry 07-09-14

Is it really the same day? So much just happened.

Mares Edge is lost, it got… conquered by a cloud? Well, a giant cloud with evil red eyes. Fortunately there was enough time for an evacuation, I fled into the forest with some other ponies.
Unfortunately there where some of those “Kobolds” (the same as the ones that sieged our town) and “Goblins” (some of the monsters of last nights dream vision). They where being commanded by a humanoid… and a pony.

I met again with that Bat Pony from that vision, he was among the same group I was that fled the town. Together we struck a surprise attack at the Kobolds – but what must have been more surprising was when the humanoids – the nice ones, from the vision yesterday – decided to attack at the same time. Those Kobolds and Goblins hardly stood a chance.

However that Pony and “Tiefling” proved much more dangerous. They hurt one of the humanoids badly and even though they kicked me only once it hurt really, really bad. Ohh, and they could jump into the air and trees like nothing I have seen before. Their teamwork was impressing, but our superior number and our own teamwork was better. We where able to catch them,. both of them alive.

We made our way to the fort in the forest, according to the evacuation plan (seems like the town of the humanoids had the same idea…). A lot of ponies where already there.
Though it is… crazy. The town has been split into two parts. One part for the humanoids, one for us ponies. We couldn’t even enter through the same gates.

In the town hall we learned that they had to split he town to “maintain peace”. Seems like they couldn’t figure out who the rightful owner of the town is. I mean, who cares? There seem to be a lot of houses on each side, most just need a little renovation repair. Okay, most need a complete rebuilding. Still, from what I have seen from the humanoids we where traveling (and fighting) with I think the town could be rebuilt so much faster if ponies where allowed to help on the humanoid side. And a bit of their help wouldn’t hurt us either…

Anyway, we found out where Ruby Auroras – ohh, that’s the mare working with the Kobolts – family lives. We didn’t turn her in to the authorities.
Which makes me glad. Even though she might have worked with the ones sieging our town… they saved one of us with some kind of potion. I think he was about to die if they didn’t stop right in the middle of the fight. Even at the risk of their own lives. Someone doing that can’t be bad, right?
I also feel envious about the teamwork they showed. This town is the complete opposite. The situation almost escalated just because of someone trying to cross the stupid line that separates us and the town.

Well, actually there is one place where the line is not separating us. While writing this I am sitting inside a tavern where both ponies and humanoids are allowed. The keeper even gave me some free sugar and while I wait for my tea I get enough time to write all these things down.
We still have to decide on our next steps. I really want to get Aurora back to her family, but most of all I want to know why she did what she did. Why work with enemies of ponykind? Why the invasion in the first place?

And there is also the issue with finding the rightful owner of this new city that has become a refuge for ponies and humanoids. They think it might be in a fortification in the center, guarded by monsters (ogres I think?). The humanoids and us ponies are a good team. Maybe we can have a look there later. I would also love to see the building itself – located in the center it must be the oldest building. And you know my motto my dear diary: The older the building, the better.
Ohh, and to bring peace to the town. If just finding out who owns this place will help ponies and humanoids to take the next step and stop hiding behind a line it will be already worth it.

Mhh, I can smell tea in the air. Will put you aside now. Still have to discuss our next steps!



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