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Golden Hammers Journal (03)

Entry 03: 14-09-14

The past two days have been calmer.

We finally had a good chance to talk with Ruby Aurora and Themmos (that’s the Tiefling from the forest) after we captured them. It turns out they where working for Oticas, the Magican from the Dream that attacked the human city. I am not sure why they where working for him, but their reasons seem rather weak – maybe they where forced. Anyway, they had agreed to help us out a bit. At least they are not working with the Kobolts anymore.
Ohh, and they even knew a bit about “Lord Oberoth” – actually, “Lord Umbaroth”: It seems like he is a Dragon. A full grown dragon with wings and everything if what they heard is true.

Anyway: Aurora and Themmos seem to be okay. We had to go to the Chapel to get them healed up a bit. Quite an interesting place and one of the few buildings that seem to be open to ponies and humans alike. And differently to the folks in the city hall the two pastors (Comet Beard and Sohnan) talk with each other admirably. Huge Whirlpool in the river, I wonder what is causing it.

The city is in bad shape. Yesterday I helped rebuilding a house. There is a lot more to be done. I, together with a few lumber ponies I met in town met up with a few of the humanoids – the gnome Aren Oakenfield and the human Vandis Celorn – and with Aurora and Themmos to get us some lumber. We got… kinda surprised by a few Goblins. Fortunately it was only 3 of them against our huge group. I think they got a small hit on Aren, but otherwise everything went smooth.
Well… almost. I don’t know what exactly had happened, but at some point everything around me went dark. No, I wasn’t knocked out, I just couldn’t see anything. Despite having my eyes open. It was scary.

Well, we got us a few trees and got them back to town. Fortunately the pastors where able to remove that blindness from me. We have to be more careful when we meet more of those Kobolts in the woods again.



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