Pathfinder with Rim group Yea!

Golden Hammers Journal (05)

Entry 04: 14-10-11

I think we got all of them. Not a single Ogre left.

This left us enough time to check the building. It is old – quite sturdy too. Even better, it had a secret passage on the first floor. Can you imagine? A secret passage!

It led to a second bedroom, almost identical to the first one. Though, while in the first one we found the remains of two humans, in the second we found the skeletons of two ponies. Both where once wearing fanciful clothings, with crests I had never seen before. The crests where almost identical. By now I think that in this town humans and ponies lived together – as equals – previously. We presented that fact to the majors and it seems like they agreed. They removed the line, removed the separation. I was finally able to see the human side of the town. It’s surprisingly similar to ours.

On a different note, in the secret passage on the first floor we found a door leading to a second floor. Inside was a strange orb, surrounded by demonic magic. The priests from the chapel, together with a few more with divine power from town, managed to dispel it… and it released a big shining orb. Like the one on the crests.

They say it will protect the town from the monsters. Which sounds great, considering how long Mare’s End has been under siege. Safety – well, at least within the protection of the orb.

But… we can’t stay alone here in the forest. There hasn’t been any news from the rest of Equestria. Or the human lands.
We decided to explore the woods to the north. If we travel far enough we should come back to civilization, right?



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