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Golden Hammers Journal

Entry 01: 30-08-14

Entry 30-08-14

The Siege of the town is still continuing. If anypony had told me the town would be in such a state two month earlier, I would not have believed them.
Anyway, the captain is holding back with excursion for today, so I was helping in town to reinforce the palisade. The recent influx of supplies and raw materials makes me confident that we can outlast the attackers until winter will drive them back into hiding. Also, I found some more references on the old structures here in town. I will have a closer look at it tomorrow.

the following parts seem to have been written in a much greater hurry then the previous ones

I had a strange dream last night. Dream might be the wrong word, maybe it was message from… somepony someone I don’t know who or what. Beside me there was another pony (that gruff Bat Pony in heavy armor from 22-08-14) there. It was so strange, I could TELL it wasn’t real but not a dream either. Really weird.
I feel there was a purpose behind it.

We weren’t alone in that “Dream” – we met strange creatures calling themselves “Humanoids”. They seemed to be quite friendly… mostly.
At least much more friendly than the monsters that appeared shortly afterwards.

The Humanoids and us ponies fought together and won. Seems like they where also sieged in some of their own towns, just like us. Had strange dreams in previous nights too. What are the odds?

I woke up after a really unpleasant encounter with a human (a kind of humanoid, just like an Earth Pony is a a kind of pony) sorcerer. I think he managed to… kill us? I don’t know, it was just a dream after all. He was really powerful and it seemed like the other humanoids knew him.
There is one name stuck in my mind: “Lord Oberoth”. Or at least I think that is what he said. Didn’t sound like a normal pony name, but it has a slight griffin sound. I need to make sure. When I have some more time I have to check – fortunately I still have that heritage book that I got last year, it contains a very extensive list of griffin (and ponies living near the border who might have taken a griffin name) nobbles.

Anyway, it seems like there is some commotion outside. Something about a “black fog” or “dark cloud”?
I have a bad feeling about this. Did the attackers manage to set the town on fire? I have to check.



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