Character Creation

Rules for Character Creation

1. Ability score modifiers, at lvl 1, are to be equal to +10. However, no single score may be above 18 before Racial adjustments. Negative modifiers may be taken to Ability scores to allow for more room to grow other abilities, however, this will come with the obvious downsides.

2. Health is calculated very specifically. At first level, your HP is equal to the full value of your Hit Die plus your Con Modifier. Every level after, your HP raises by half of you HD’s value plus your con mod. In addition, you health receives bonuses based on your HD, per level.

d4: +0
d6: +1
d8: +2
d10: +3
d12: +4

Players start at level , and also start with the equivalent wealth of the average lvl 3 player (3,000 GP). However, no enchantments on equipment, no magical items, and special materials must be run by the GM for approval. Master worked gear is allowed. All gold left unspent does not carry over to your inventory.

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Character Creation

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