Cutie Marks

All ponies (and zebras) gain a Cutie Mark when they discover their special talent. Cutie Marks appear on the flank, and can take an unlimited number of shapes and colors, but are always relative to their tied special talent. For example, a filly who is good at baking may receive a Cutie Mark that depicts a loaf of bread or an oven dial. Additionally, chosen talents are not affected by Non-Dexterous.

Choosing a Cutie Mark: At the start of play (unless noted otherwise) a pony (or Zebra) chooses a Cutie Mark that will aid them in various skills. Choosing is simple. First, choose the skill you wish to excel at, then decide on an image to apply to the Cutie Mark. All skill checks directly related to a Cutie Mark gain a +4 competence bonus. This bonus increases by 1 every three levels. A skill or ability check that is not directly related to their cutie mark, but still related to their Cutie Mark (See Related Talents) receives half of this bonus. Additionally, a Natural 20 on a skill or ability check directly related to their cutie mark will result in extraordinary results. However, a Natural 1 on a skill or ability check directly related to their Cutie Mark will result in disaster.

Related Talents: Sometimes you may come across a situation that relates to your special talent, but gives you no advantages due to it requiring an unrelated skill check. This is a Related Talent. Any roll made on a Related Talent receives half of your Cutie Mark bonus (rounded down). For example, if your special talent is Diplomacy, you would also receive a bonus to Bluff and Handle Animal due to them being related.

Related Talent:
Acrobatics: Climb, Ride.
Appraise: Sense Motive, Spellcraft.
Bluff: Disguise, Intimidate.
Climb: Acrobatics, Fly.
Craft: Disable Device, Appraise.
Diplomacy: Bluff, Handle Animal.
Disable Device: Knowledge (Engineering), Craft (Traps)
Disguise: Bluff, Profession (Artist).
Escape Artist: Stealth, Acrobatics.
Fly: Acrobatics, Swim.
Handle Animal: Ride, Sense Motive.
Heal: Survival, Craft (Alchemy) / Knowledge (Medical).
Intimidate: Bluff, Diplomacy.
Knowledge (Arcana): Spellcraft, Use Magical Device.
Knowledge (Dungeoneering): Climb, Disable Device.
Knowledge (Engineering): Disable Device, Craft (Traps)
Knowledge (Geography): Knowledge (Nature & Local)
Knowledge (History): Knowledge (Arcana & Religion)
Knowledge (Local): Knowledge (Geography & Nobility)
*Knowledge (Medical): Heal, Craft (Alchemy)
Knowledge (Nature): Survival, Handle Animal.
Knowledge (Nobility): Knowledge (Local & History)
Knowledge (Religion): Knowledge (History & Arcana)
Linguistics: Diplomacy, Bluff.
Perception: Sense Motive, Appraise.
Perform: Varies.
Profession: Varies.
Ride: Handle Animal, Climb.
Sense Motive: Appraise, Perception.
Sleight of Hand: Stealth, Escape Artist.
Spellcraft: Knowledge (Arcana), Linguistics.
Stealth: Escape Artist, Disguise.
Survival: Knowledge (Nature), Handle Animal.
Swim: Climb, Fly.
Use Magic Device: Spellcraft, Knowledge (Arcana).

*This skill is optional.

Earning a Cutie Mark: While most ponies have their Cutie Marks, some adventurers may not have found their special talent yet, and don’t have their Cutie Mark. Earning a Cutie Mark is special, and rewarding. Whenever you roll a natural 20 on a skill check, you threaten an Earned Mark, and have a 30% chance to earn a Cutie Mark. You must roll a percentile dice, and if you roll inside the 30%, you have earned a Cutie Mark relating to the skill check.

For example, let’s say Starburst just rolled a Knowledge (Arcana) check. To his surprise, he rolled a 20, both succeeding on his check, and threatening an Earned Mark. On his percentile check, he rolls an 11, landing inside the 30% needed to earn his Mark. An image starts to appear on his flank, imbuing him with bonuses to Knowledge Arcane.

Related Earn: But what if you don’t want the rolled skill as a special talent? Well, you may choose an alternate skill relating to the rolled skill. (See Related Talents). For example, let’s say you just earned your Cutie Mark in Appraise. If you do not want Appraise, you may choose Sense Motive or Spellcraft as your special talents because they are related skills to Appraise.

Cutie Marks

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