Pathfinder with Rim group Yea!

Golden Hammers Journal (0/)

Entry 06: 14-11-11

We met a Djinn.

Yeah, a real Djinn, just like in the stories. Well… except it looked humanoid. But still!

We had explored the rest of the dungeon, finding stairs leading to a chamber further down. After defeating the undead that… well, woke up by our entry… we had the time to look at the strange ring that we found down there.
Turns out it was used to call that Djinn.

So, now Johnny Rogue had 3 wishes. (He was the one taking the risk picking up the ring so we decided in the end that he could be the owner… before we learned what the ring could do,)
Actually, 1 wish now. He already wished for an unlimited amout of gold and a mansion.

… a fine mansion I must admit. Prancylvanian style, if I am not wrong. With servants and everything.

Still – I hope everything is a fine as it looks like. The owner of the Unicorn warned us that those wishes could be dangerous… to us and to the town.

I hope Johnny will do okay. The others and I are thinking of to resume our previous search for a way through the forest and make contact with other people again.



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