Pathfinder with Rim group Yea!

Golden Hammers Journal (04)

Entry 04: 14-10-07

Just a short note.

Fought Ogres. In the manor in the center of the town. Belonged to a “Brainmasher” clan.

Thanks to the help of the militia we managed to surprise them. We took down their leader before he could react and the rest where in big disorder.

Ohh, and I found this neat Scabard. It is… happy. I think. Turned my Gladius into a magic blade of acid. It is so awesome.

Anyway, rest is over. We better see if there are more Ogres hidding here. And check what happened to the Militia outside. And… maybe there is a magic blade to go with the Scabard somewhere?

This mension is quite amazing. And old. I hope I can stay here a bit longer.



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