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Golden Hammers Journal (06)

Entry 06: 14-10-28

It has been a few days…

Well, I wanted to write earlier but there is just so much to do.
We traveled to the north, however we didn’t get very far. Many of our friends showed signs of exhaustion as we traveled, returning to town for a while. I guess it is only natural after months of siege and the narrow escape from being overrun.

Anyway, in the north we found a strange ruin. Fortunately, some of my new comrades – Kain and Aren, later Vanis as well – decided to come with me. They where pretty old, about the age of the town, if not older.
Ohh, and there is some kind of Dungeon below. With Undeads and everything.

Things down there are exiting. I love it there. Noticeably we found both animated pony and human skeletons. Another clue that humans and ponies knew each other much earlier.

Though, we need to stay cautious. We triggered some kind of lightning trap and we fought with a horrible mummy, which almost cost us our lives. We had decided to return to town and get some help afterwards.
I had to pay them to come and offer part of the treasures we find (there are plenty of treasures down there!) but I think Johny Rouge (a human with keen eyes for hidden doors and traps) and Bori Stouthammer (a dwarf with divine healing magic and powers against the undead) where a good addition to the expedition.

The undead down there are really powerful, every help is welcome.

I wonder… what was that “dungeon” (I am pretty sure it is no real dungeon, didn’t find any cells yet.) was built for. So far we only found a few statues of demons… could it have been the location of an old cult? It would explain some things, but a true explorer will never judge too quickly.
We hope to launch another expedition soon. According to an old map we found there is a series of rooms that we haven’t yet explored in the deeper parts of the dungeon.



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